At Doyle Rivet Lawyers, we take pride in being one of Red Deer’s premiere law firms, and in providing comprehensive legal services to our Central Alberta clients and neighbours.

Recently, were thrilled to discover Doyle Rivet had been named One of The Three Best Business Law Firms In Red Deer.

The free online network service puts thousands of Canadian businesses through a rigorous inspection process beginning with reviews and ratings from customers, then moving on to exploring each company’s reputation, experience, prices, rates and history to select the best options in any given field, recommending the three top-rated local options.

Doyle Rivet was singled out for providing practical, cost-effective legal advice as an experienced Red Deer law firm specializing in multiple forms of business law including:

• Partnership Agreements

• Partnership Registration

• Incorporations

• Filing of Annual Returns

• Corporate Finance

• Unanimous Shareholder Agreements

• Annual General Meetings

• Society & Non-Profit Registration

• Preparation of Minutes

We’re proud to be business lawyers serving Red Deer and Central Alberta, and work tirelessly every day to help advance our client’s interests, priding ourselves on providing practical, cost-effective legal advice and expertise to all sizes of Central Alberta businesses and industries.

Thank you to anyone who has recommended us to their colleagues, written a positive online review or simply enjoyed letting us be their representatives in Business Law here. We consider it an honour and privilege to continue serving everyone in Red Deer and Central Alberta as their Business Law experts.